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Welcome to the InsightVM Technical Support page. Find answers to your questions in the searchable Help site, FAQs, and document library. InsightVM Enterprise and Express edition users can also use the contact information to the right for additional assistance.

Technical Support (Enterprise and Express Editions only)

+1 (866) 390-8113 (Toll Free in USA)

Visit the Rapid7 Support site

Document library

Alt Structure for the XML Export 2.0 report format

Alt Structure for the XML Export report format

Alt Structure for the SCAP XML Export report format

Alt Nexpose Hardening Guide: Nexpose Hardening Guide

API resources

Alt InsightVM API Guide: Descriptions and XML samples for all API functions

Alt Structure and validation for the extended API v1.2

Schema files are not provided for API v1.1 because APIs in this version are validated with Document Type Declarations (DTDs). You can find API v1.1 DTDs in the InsightVMAPI Guide.